editionNEXT.com publish eEdition of any print issue like magazine, book, news paper, catalog etc. with eCommerce & Multimedia facility, which helps publisher to increase reader and advertisement response of your publication means more revenue. The eEdition can also be archived online.

editionNEXT.com offers you eCommerce enabled platform from where publisher can sell subscription of the print edition with the helps of our online payment getaway.

All eEdition will be displayed in our eStand from where publishers will be able to increase there readers.

We offer full multimedia rich flash base edition by which you will able to accept hyperlinked animated online advertisement. We also help for search engine optimization and other online activities like website promotion.
eEdition may free or paid depending on the publisher’s discretion.


Why eEdition?

  • eEdition, easy and cheapest way to gate huge number of readers of internet world.
  • Redershif survey originations (IRS) counts eEdition readers along with print edition readers.
  • More reader means more response of Published Report & advertisement.
  • eEdition is very low cost world wide accessible latest media, which popularity increasing day by day (Now India is 2nd largest internet users cuntery).
  • eEdition reduce print and distribution cost.


Why editionNEXT?

  • More than 20 years experience in printing and IT sector.
  • FREE Website & free hosting  (like: www.magazine_name.editionnext.com)
  • We have huge serious readers for our site, which can be readers your magazine.
  • All magazines, books will be in a single window (eStand) which will be helps to share readers with others.
  • We announce publication news on Facebook, Twitter and other network site, which works as very good advertisement.
  • Largest number of designs {Multimedia enable (3D)}. (see demo)
  • We can insert animation, sound, video and hyperlink on your pages. (see demo)
  • Full text search option available(only for English) because we don’t use page as image.
  • Major search engine(like Google) enlistment guranted in 15 days.
  • Our eShop will help you to sell print and eEdition online.
  • Password protected eEdition also available. (see demo)
  • We offer 24X7 help line: +91 9836053966.

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Print and Media Review:

Is eEdition reduce circulation of print edition?
Really not, maximum highest circulated print edition have online edition, it’s prove that eEdition increase there circulation of print edition. It’s not possible that print edition will be available all over World. eEdition’s readers also loves to read print edition, ones they will love eEdition they also may try to buy print edition. Some publishers sale there eEdition and some’ publish there eEdition one issue later.